We have served as “ghost” developers, working behind the scenes with some of the largest and most well-known web firms on turning their design visions into reality. If you’ve seen a conservative candidate’s website in Texas over the past eight years, there’s a good chance one of our developers built it!

Custom Themes

Custom Plugins

As of June 2020, WordPress is the platform that powers over 20% of the web. To support the largest array of clients and hosting, we have built custom functionality within WordPress using their plugin feature.


During the Ted Cruz for President campaign, we built a custom donation platform that integrated with Click and Pledge. By building a plugin, they were easily able to use this core functionality on as many websites and domains as they needed to spin up.

For a large public relations firm in Texas, we built a custom “Legislator Lookup” plugin that allowed users to provide their address, select from a list of their legislators and send a customized email to those legislators supporting (or opposing) a specific issue