Empower Texans is a non-profit service organization. Using research, reporting, and advocacy, we empower taxpayers to advocate for good governance and hold their elected officials accountable.

As an organization who had subscribers across the entire state of Texas, they reached out to us to help build a better experience for both new subscribers and existing subscribers. Additionally, we worked with them to automate the flow of data between their various services to decrease both the amount of time manual time it took their staff to maintain that data.

New Subscribers
To help simplify the subscription process, and increase accuracy, we broke the form down into three easy steps. The first step prompted the user for their name, email, and zip code. The next step asked them for their full address, only if they wanted to subscribe to the print newspaper published monthly. Once they provided a full address, we would then lookup their legislators - enriching the data - and validate the address against the USPS. If we ran into any issues, we would then prompt the user to either update their address or confirm everything was correct. Finally, we submitted this information to a custom built Application Programming Interface (API) for further processing. If the user was already a subscriber, and started to fill out the ‘New Subscriber” form, we would automatically let them know they were already subscribed and send them a link to edit their subscription.
Existing Subscribers
Prior to working with us, the client was manually changing hundreds of subscriber information manually each month. This was taking a lot of time for their team to process, but was also frustrating to users because they would have to request changes and hope things would get updated timely. To help mitigate this, we built out a Subscriber Portal that would allow users to see their information, update preferences, and edit their information such as name, email, address and phone number. Once they submitted their changes, we would queue it up for automated processing.
After a new or existing subscriber submitted changes, we would process this information in a custom built integration with the correct third party service. For example, any edits the user made to their name, address or phone numbers, would automatically be synced to Salesforce and any corresponding services that utilized this information. Additionally, if a user changed their email or unsubscribed, we automatically took care of this within Campaign Monitor and sent a confirmation email to the user that their request was processed. All of these changes decreased the amount of time required by our client, and increased the responsiveness for their subscribers to have information updated on an ad hoc basis.