Scalable Web Hosting

We also offer scalable web hosting with retainers to include minor content changes, software updates, and hosting services for the custom-built web application. It also covers any software license fees from 3rd party services utilized.

Our hosting is secure, redundant, scalable, and offers the following features:

Since we migrated to our own hardware, we have supported a 99.999% uptime metric. The “five nines” is incredibly hard to achieve, as it only allows 5 minutes of downtime throughout the entire year. For a reference point, most services like Google Apps only guarantee 99.9% uptime (or 8.76 hours of downtime through the year). For infrastructure that receives tens of millions of visitors a year, this is quite the achievement.

We offer a High Availability (HA) hosting server; which can scale up (i.e. add web nodes to serve more traffic dynamically) compared to the Virtual Private Server (VPS) server only allows you to serve a certain amount of traffic before your website crashes. VPS is most commonly found on mega-hosting services like HostGator and GoDaddy.